Projects: Long Bay Buildings

Port Jax Trade Center Building 700

Jacksonville, FL

The Port Jax Trade Center in Jacksonville, FL, comprises six long bay buildings manufactured by Vulcan Steel Structures, ranging in size from approximately 21,000 to 81,000 square feet. Building 700 is a single-story, 23,488-square-foot structure featuring 45-foot bays, a standing seam roof and tilt-wall masonry. One of the key advantages to a long bay building is faster installation, which yields significant cost savings. Additionally, a long bay structure utilizes bolted connections, resulting in time saved and easier construction.

Port Jax Trade Center Building 500

Jacksonville, FL

​The Port Jax Trade Center in Jacksonville, FL, continues to invest in long bay buildings due to their versatility. Recently, Vulcan Steel Structures was selected to manufacture Building 500. A long bay building offers expanded bays up to 60′ in length and is extremely useful for large manufacturing facilities, warehouses and retail buildings due to the reduced number of interior columns. These facilities are available with standing seam, built-up, single-ply and multi-ply roof systems and are fully compatible with a pre-engineered purlin system.